How It Works 2016


Spring Summits is you and your friends against the beautiful mountains around Roanoke, Virginia. The Blue Ridge Bicycle Club wants you out on your bike so that you can be healthy and enjoy what the area has to offer. You’ll see familiar sights as you participate in Spring Summits but you can also ride new roads, see new things and have new experiences with your friends. You have all Spring 2016 (March 20th – June 20th) to do as many of the 10 climbs as you can.

Rules & Other Details

You have 3 months (March 20th – June 20th) during which the goal is to ride your bike to the top of each of the 10 climbs. Here are the rules:

  • In order to officially participate, you must be a BRBC member ($30/year). Please visit our main club website for membership information.
  • Document your ride with a selfie which includes a date stamp and the landmark(s) at the top of the climb. Sample pictures are on our facebook page. If a landmark is not clear, take a picture and submit GPS data.
  • Submit your selfies along with the other requested information on the Ride Submission page. The website will be updated weekly with everyone’s progress.

Your Reward

  • New for 2016, we’re having a points-based competition to see who can ride with the most people. The top FIVE points finishers will get a gift card to their preferred local bike shop
  • All participants who complete all 10 climbs during the competition will receive an exclusive Spring Summits 2016 Finisher’s shirt.
  • 2016 shirt

Points Competition Details

  • You have to do all 10 climbs and only riders in a single picture will be used for assigning points
  • A points bonus, rounded up, for ALL riders will be given if the ride is posted on the calendar a minimum of 2 days in advance (e.g. by Thursday for a Saturday ride). Any club member may post a ride through the club website.
  • Each participant in the picture gets credit and is awarded the same number of points
  • If you have 10 riders on your ride, you have to get all 10 in the picture
  • Only one rider from a given summit photo needs to submit the photo
  • You may repeat a summit for more points if you have more friends at a later date
  • If you repeat a summit, the one with the higher number of points will be counted
  • # riders in summit photoPointsPoints with club ride bonus
    8 or more128150